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The Virtual Writers’ Room project aims to educate young scriptwriters in difficult employment situations to work in professional scriptwriting groups. The goal of the project is to bring digital tools to scriptwriting on a large scale: Virtual Writers’ Room -method allows you to move the traditional writers’ room to a virtual space.

In the project, professional scriptwriters mentor groups of young screenwriters who develop a TV-series concept using the Virtual Writers’ Room -method. The starting point for the work is an order received from Yle Draama and the development process is based on the process that is used by Yle Draama. Master Class events focus on current themes for series and group writing.

As a result of the project, there will be more skilled scriptwriters working in professional writers´ rooms and the quality of Finnish series will improve.

The project is carried out between 1.11.2018-31.12.2020.


  1. VWR aims to improve the employment possibilities of young screen writers who live in 6Aika cities (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu).
  2. VWR aims to stimulate discussion about series and group writing within the audio visual field.
  3. VWR aims to research the digital tools that enable virtual group writing, teamwork and collaboration.


Virtual Writers’ Room will produce high quality training in series and group writing, which will boost writers’ possibilities to find employment in production companies.

Project’s Master Class events bring schools, production companies and financiers together to discuss the state of series and group writing in Finland. Understanding of group writing, virtual group writing and digital tools will increase.

The digital tools and models of creative teamwork and distance work will be developed to be shared for wider use.